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shutter thermal modules

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NETD 18mk uncooled thermal imaging thermal cores with shutter

Micrthermo modules are one of the smallest thermal imaging modules in the world,which use the latest 384×288/640×480 17 um FPA uncooled detector.The modules offer brilliant video quality output and customized connection interface,it will bring you great success in your system integration.

Main Properties

»  Boot time less than 3 seconds

»  NETD≤18mk @300k f1.0

»  Lowest power consumption less than 0.9W

»  Optical auto focus and continuous zoom function

»  DDE

»  LVDS digital data output & analog video

Application Range

MTS18 applies to the specific requirements of the system and integrated camera.

  • Vehicle
  • Monitor
  • Telescope
  • Helmet

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